Secondary estate management in the Texas Hill Country

I graduated from Midland High School in 2002 and left West Texas to attend Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. I received my degree in marketing and public relations in 2006 and soon after moved to the greater Houston area to continue my work with U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co. whom I worked for part time thru college. The move to Houston was an awesome opportunity to start my new position with the company as a marketing manager. I continued my work with U.S.S.T.C. until mid-2009 when our company was bought by Philip Morris USA and the majority of our company was relieved of our duties.

At that time I found a great opportunity to do some traveling that I always dreamed of, and it took me two weeks to buy my plane tickets to New Zealand. New Zealand was the most amazing adventure and honestly a life changing experience for me. I had just completed a three day trek out of Milford Sounds when I got an email from my family, and decided it was time to pack it up and come back to the states.

When I returned home to Midland I was given an awesome opportunity to help run the family company, Cauble Sportswear Inc. Family owned and operated for the last twenty-eight years, Cauble Sportswear Inc. has supplied the region with custom screen printing and embroidery along with specialty items. My position and its responsibilities were varied but concentrated on PR and marketing. For the next three years I learned the ins-and-outs of running a small business, and during that time something happened— Heather Lee Hawkins walked into my life and I fell in love!

Heather was from Johnson City, Texas and soon after she left Midland we found ourselves working on a long distance relationship. After a year of going back and forth we decided to take our relationship to the next level, and within a month I had sold my home in Midland and purchased a place in Horseshoe Bay, Texas.

It was a friend from my men’s bible study who sparked the idea of Tx Hill Country Concierge. The idea was to take away the “to-do-list” that people have both while they’re away and take care of them before and after they leave their secondary home. The idea became reality two weeks later when I filed for my LLC. Heather and I can’t wait to meet you and help with your home away from home.

My family and I moved out to the Hill Country from Austin, TX (more specifically Westlake Hills) in the spring of ’95 when I was 8 years old, and ever since then I have called our 40 acre ranch in Johnson City home. Throughout middle school and high school I was very active in school activities, such as Student Council and National Honor Society, and I played many sports, such as volleyball, basketball, softball, track, and cheerleading. During my summers in high school I worked as a life guard in the neighboring towns of Marble Falls and Horseshoe Bay.

I’m sure most 15-18 year olds would cringe at the idea of getting a summer job, but I could honestly say that I loved it! Who wouldn’t want to have a job where you get paid to gaze out at the lake all day long? Yes, occasionally I did have to glance at the pool to make sure no one was drowning, but other than that my job was more like a day at the lake. After 4 summers of driving to and from work all around Marble Falls and Horseshoe Bay, I found that I got to know the highland lakes area very well. This was when I really grew to appreciate the true beauty of the Hill Country and where I grew up, and I knew that no matter where my life took me I wanted to ultimately find my way back here.

After graduating from LBJ High School in Johnson City in 2005, I went on to attend The University of Texas at Austin (Hook ‘em Horns!), and graduated from the McCombs School of Business in 2009. I received my degree in marketing, with a minor in retail merchandising. After graduation I went directly to Dallas where I began working as a Sales Manager for Dillard’s department stores.

I was only in Dallas for a few short months when I got the call that they were transferring me out to, of all places, Midland, TX. After 2 years of slaving away in the desert, I finally decided that I missed the Hill Country too much and decided to come home to start working for my Dad and learn the family business. However, living and working in Midland hadn’t been all bad because that is where I met the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. And after a year of long distance, Clay finally decided he was tired of dust and wind of West Texas too, and started making his plans to move back to the Hill Country where we both knew we wanted to start our life together.